You are responsible for knowing and abiding by all campus publicity rules and regulations. All marketing must be approved by your CSI Program Manager prior to advertising or printing any marketing materials. Events sponsored by Northeastern student organizations may not be publicized to the general public or off-campus unless special permission has been granted by the Center for Student Involvement.

All publicity must include Who, What, Where, and When, including:

  • Name of the sponsoring student organization and group email address
  • Date & time of event
  • Location of event & rain location and/or date (if applicable)
  • Admission policy and restrictions (NU Only, NU +1, etc.)
  • Ticket prices (if applicable)

All publicity must be written in English. Additional languages may be used in the title as long as an English translation or description is included.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages may not be the focus of any promotional materials. There cannot be any suggestion of alcohol abuse in any form of publicity. If your event includes alcohol, publicity must follow the guidelines specified by the Alcohol Policy. See the Events with Alcohol section for more information.

Advertising must conform to the Northeastern University Code of Student Conduct and avoid demeaning or discriminatory portrayals of individuals or groups.

You cannot advertise for solicitors, such as Red Bull or other vendor giveaways without prior permission from the Center for Student Involvement.

Please include language similar to the following for folks to request Accessibility Services:

>> If you require disability-related accommodations to participate in this event, please contact [insert your student organization contact here] at least 2 weeks in advance of the event.

If funded by the Student Activity Fee (SAF), promotional materials must display the SAF logo. The logo file and more details can be found on the Student Government Association website.

If funded by the Graduate Activity Fee (GAF), promotional materials must display the GSG logo. The logo file and more details can be found on the Graduate Student Government website.

Northeastern Branding
Student organization logos, and any product containing branding MUST BE APPROVED by your CSI Program Manager. Student organizations MAY NOT use, in whole or in part, the official Northeastern logo, wordmark, seal, or stationary; nor logos or elements from Athletics and/or Alumni Relations. The usage of “NU” is not permitted. Existing logos are subject to review and may be asked to have updated with current policies.

Note: Logos MAY NOT resemble companies such as Nike, to avoid potential legal issues we recommend researching existing logos. If you have concerns regarding your logo contact your CSI Program Manager.

Any contract(s) related to your program must be completed and signed by both Northeastern and the performer/agent BEFORE any publicity can begin. Please be aware of any restrictions on publicity imposed by the artist, agent, or organizing committee. Material may be displayed as early as 2 weeks in advance of the actual event date. Any post-date, non-Northeastern affiliated or non-compliant material will be removed/not posted.

It is illegal in the City of Boston to post fliers on city buildings and light poles. The City of Boston Inspectional Services Code Enforcement Officers will impose a substantial fine for fliers posted on any city-owned property.

Fliers and posters can only be hung in the officially designated areas (please check with each building’s front desk for drop-off, locations, or further guidelines).

Table-tent cards are not permitted in the food court area in the West Addition.

Chalking on Campus
Student organizations must only use the chalk made available by CSI, any writing done with other chalk will be considered vandalism and is subject to referral to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR). Visit the Programming Lab in 240 Curry Student Center to obtain chalk. Cleaning charges as a result of using non-approved chalk will be billed to the individual or student organization responsible.

Permitted chalking areas:

  • Snell Library Quad
  • Snell Engineering walkway (leading toward Forsyth Street)
  • Centennial Common (between Shillman and Ryder Halls, and Forsyth and Leon Streets)
  • Sculpture Park and Robinson Quad, to the steps of Columbus Garage Bridge
  • World Series Way (between Forsyth Street and Hayden Hall)
  • West Village Quad
  • Bulfinch Pathway, from Krentzman Quad to Snell Library Quad
  • Sidewalks surrounding International Village (not to include Ruggles MBTA station steps and/or landings)
  • Cabot Court Quadrangle
  • Chalking on Boston public sidewalks is NOT permitted

Publication Distribution
Student organizations that wish to distribute material (newspapers, articles, magazines, books, etc.) must obtain approval to distribution consistent with the terms of the Sales and Solicitations Policy. Contact your CSI Program Manager if you have any questions. To obtain approval to distribute materials in the Curry Student Center, contact Curry Student Center Operations at

Sponsors of approved materials are responsible for the removal and disposal of surplus and/or outdated publications. Failure to timely remove outdated approved publications will be considered littering and may result in the assessment of disposal charges, disciplinary action, and/or legal action.

Failure to follow guidelines in this policy including, but not limited to, unauthorized posting or distribution, may result in disciplinary action and/or other legal action.